Growing a fresh new future

Hemel Hempstead, when it first developed as a New Town was an exemplar, a place role model and it has the opportunity and ingredients to do that again; the next stage of its growth will be about reinvention and re-imagination.

Reinvention and re-imagination

The opportunities presented by repurposing the High Street; the quirkiness of the old town; the success of Maylands; the amazing green and blue infrastructure; the potential of the Garden Communities; the regeneration of Two Waters and Apsley and the relationship with London place Hemel Hempstead in an enviable position.

Hemel Hempstead is on a journey of place-led renaissance predicated on people not buildings, animation not architecture, all driven by a desire of differentiation in how it develops and how it acts.

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Hemel Hempstead has always been a prime business location and the focal point is Maylands Business Park, home to over 650 businesses employing over 20,000 people.


Ever since its development as a New Town, leisure and space have been part of the design DNA of Hemel Hempstead and people are still benefiting from these initiatives today.

Discovering Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Place Board


15 Nov Snowman and snowdog logo

Hemel Snowdog trail

Residents and visitors to Hemel Hempstead can take part in a stunning sculpture trail as ‘Snowdog’ sculptures arrive in the

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18 Oct Subway

Subway Art Gallery

The pedestrian subways under the ‘Magic Roundabout’ have been transformed into art and photography galleries as part of Hertfordshire County

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18 Oct

October 2022 Hemel Place Board

On Thursday 06 October the Hemel Place Board met at West Herts College for the October Hemel Place Board meeting.

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15 Oct hemel masterclass

Hemel Visual Masterclass

On Tuesday 18th October the Hemel Place team organised a creative masterclass session with the team from Thinking Place and

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Hemel Hempstead’s Placeshaping Approach