Old and new town

Re connect the old and new town

A key priority for Hemel Hempstead Town Centre Vision is to reconnect the Old Town and the New Town, enhancing the public realm between the Marlowes and the Old Town High Street and breaking up the North-South orientation of the town centre with interesting activities along the way. Art and culture can play a vital role in achieving this, as they have the power to bring residents together, enrich people’s lives and boost the image of a place. Art and culture are also crucial to promote civic pride and encourage healthy lifestyles. Some examples of projects already successfully
delivered include:

  • The Big Hoot Hemel Art Trail, featuring 12 individually designed Big Hoot owls placed around Hemel Hempstead Town Centre in Feb and March 2022.
  • The Hemel Green Walk Map, launched in May 2022 to promote walking and cycling in the town and encourage healthy living and lifestyles.
  • Snowdog’ sculptures, inspired by The Snowman and The Snowdog, and combined with the Christmas Light’s activated the Town Centre throughout Christmas 2022

Permanent history, art and sculpture trails will help curate the routes around the Town Centre, providing an interesting walking route and giving people permission to walk and cycle through the green spaces connecting the Town Centre to the wider area. These and similar interventions will reframe the area, and attract people to come and spend a day out in the Town Centre.

Some best practices


The Orchard Art Serices and Engagement project


Green Loop & Wayfinding – Whitehill & Borden


Green Loop The Big Hoot Hemel Art Trail

Urban Green

Grey to Green in Sheffield